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Link Packages

Buying link packages can be an effective way to boost your rankings in Google without having to put in a ton of work. Although this is true, you need to know what to look for when you’re buying link packages. In the video above we will go over how in where to buy SEO link packages.

Cheat Sheet:

  1. What to Look For:
    – Ratings
    – Reviews
    – Testimonials
    – Case Studies
  2. Sites In Video (links):
    Source Market
    Black Hat World


PBN Safety and Setup

Protecting your private blog network is crucial to keeping your sites ranking GoogleGoogle. in the video above we will discussed different safety measures taken to protect our PBN.  Although these measures will not protect your PBN’s completely, it will minimize the amount that will be discovered.

Cheat Sheet

  1. PBN Saftey
    • Diversify Registrars
    • Diversity Hosting Companies
    • Install Bot Blocking Plugin/Alter HTAccess File (Like Bonus Content Above for Directions)
    • Change WhoIs/Use WhoIs Privacy
    • Make Sites Look “Real”
    • Randomize Everything
    • Don’t Link to Money Site Multiple Times From Different Host
    • Don’t Duplicate the Link Structure to Every Money Site
  2. PBN Setup (Free Checklist in Bonus Content Above)
    • Write/Have Writer Write 4 Articles
    • Install WordPress
    • Install Plugins
      – Cache
      – Contact Form
      – No Comments
      – Bot Blocker
    • Create Contact, About, Privacy Policy & Terms of Service Pages
      – Avoid Duplicate Content
    • Create 4 Posts – Use Articles, YouTube Videos, Images, etc.
  3. Link Strategy
    • One PBN Link to Each Money Site Per Week
    • Dead Simple Strategy to Vary Anchor Text (Start from top to bottom, at end, repeat)
      – Branding (Epic Arrow)
      – URL Variation (,,
      – Keyword Variation (SEO, SEO Course, PBN Course)
      – Generic Keyword (Click here, homepage, website, etc.)

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Finding PBN Domains

Finding high quality and authoritative expire domains is essential to building out a strong private blog network (PBN).  In the video above we will show how we find expired domains, the metrics we use to qualify them, and how we checking for spam. This is the most important part of building a PBN, So don’t take it lightly.

Cheat Sheet:

  1. Domain Metrics
  2. Checking Spam
    • Use Wayback Machine
      – Avoid foreign sites 
      – Avoid sites used previously for PBNs
    • Majestic
      No foreign anchor text
  3. Websites & Tools (links)

If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, leave them in the comments section below.

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Private Blog Networks

Cheat Sheet

  1. Pros:
    – Very Effective
    – Under Your Control
    – Instant Trust and Authority
  2. Cons:
    – Against Googles TOS
    – Expensive 
    – Hard to Manage
  3. How to Avoid Google Penalties:
    – Make PBNs Look Real
    – Write/Have Written Unique Articles
    – Diversify Domain Registrars 
    – Diversify Hosting
    – Change WhoIs/Use Private WhoIs
  4. How to Make PBNs Cheaper:
    – Download Honey Chrome Extension –
    – Use $1 Hosting (“Like” page above for hosts)
    – Use Article Spinners (Sparingly) 
  5. How to Manage PBNs:
    – Use Excel or Numbers (“Like” page above for template)

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Web 2.0 Links

Web 2.0 links can be very effective to building a diverse backlink profile.  It is important to get these foundational links for trust in Google.  Best of all, these links are some of the safest you can build and they’re FREE!!!

Cheat Sheet:

  1. Make Them Look “Real”
    – About Us Page
    – Contact Page
    – Welcome Post
  2. Populate Them With Relevant Content
    – Videos
    – Pictures
    – Unique Articles
    – Infographics
  3. Helpful Software
    FCS Networker
  4. Fiverr Gig From Video
  5. Source Market Gig (Not Mentioned – Similar to Fiverr Gig) 

If you have any comments or questions, leave them in the comment section below!

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Off Page SEO

Off page SEO is one of the most effective and misunderstood aspects of search engine optimization.  In this video we will learn the most effective links.  There are many more videos to come that will go more in-depth on these link strategies.

Cheat Sheet

  1. Web 2.0s
  2. Private Blog Networks (PBNs)
  3. Less Effective Strategies:
    – Directories
    – Guest Posting
    – Blog Comments
    – Social Bookmarks
  4. Link Packages

If you have any comments or questions, leave them in the comments section below.

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On Page SEO

On page SEO is a critical part of any search engine optimization strategy.  If you get this part wrong it will be very difficult for you to ranking the search engines. In the video above you will learn how we ace on page SEO every single time.

Cheat Sheet:

  1. Epic On Page SEO:
  2. Yoast SEO Plugin:
  3. Schema:
  4. Google Page Speed Insights:

If you feel like we have missed anything about on page SEO or you would like to add something, Please leave a comment in the comments section below.

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Competition Research

Free Method

Know your competition is crucial do your online success. As with anything, there are free ways to research your competition, But they may not be as effective as the paid methods. In this video you will learn how to research your competition for free.

Cheat Sheet:

  1. MozBar:
  2. SEOQuake:
  3. Majestic Backlink Analyzer:
  4. SEO Book Toolbar:
  5. Shared Count:

If you feel like we’ve missed any free methods to do competitive research, leave a comment in the comments section below.

Paid Method

As you can see from the video above, the paid method is much faster when doing competitive research.

Cliff Notes:

Majestic SEO:


Buzz Sumo:

If you feel like we’ve missed any paid tools or you would like to know our opinion on other paid tools, please leave a comment comment in the comments section below.

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Keyword Research

One are the most critical parts of any on my marketing strategies is keyword research.  Getting this step wrong can result in little to no traffic to your website.  In this video we will go over how we do keyword research.

Cheat Sheet:

  1. Know your keyword intent.
  2. Google Keyword Planner –
  3. MozBar –
  4. UberSuggest –
  5. Long Tail Pro – (Affiliate Link)

If you feel like we left anything out where you would like to share how you do keyword research, please leave a comment below. We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for watching. 

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Niche Research

We know that finding a niche can be a difficult experience.  There are so many different niches to choose from and finding one can’t seem almost impossible. In this video we are going to breakdown the process that we use to come up with niche ideas on demand.

Cheat Sheet:

Amazon Best Sellers –

ClickBank –

Forums –

Flippa –

Google Trends –

If there is anything you feel that I have left outOr you would like to share how you do niche research, leave a comment below. We hope to hear from you soon and thanks for watching.

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