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PBN Safety and Setup

Protecting your private blog network is crucial to keeping your sites ranking GoogleGoogle. in the video above we will discussed different safety measures taken to protect our PBN.  Although these measures will not protect your PBN’s completely, it will minimize the amount that will be discovered.

Cheat Sheet

  1. PBN Saftey
    • Diversify Registrars
    • Diversity Hosting Companies
    • Install Bot Blocking Plugin/Alter HTAccess File (Like Bonus Content Above for Directions)
    • Change WhoIs/Use WhoIs Privacy
    • Make Sites Look “Real”
    • Randomize Everything
    • Don’t Link to Money Site Multiple Times From Different Host
    • Don’t Duplicate the Link Structure to Every Money Site
  2. PBN Setup (Free Checklist in Bonus Content Above)
    • Write/Have Writer Write 4 Articles
    • Install WordPress
    • Install Plugins
      – Cache
      – Contact Form
      – No Comments
      – Bot Blocker
    • Create Contact, About, Privacy Policy & Terms of Service Pages
      – Avoid Duplicate Content
    • Create 4 Posts – Use Articles, YouTube Videos, Images, etc.
  3. Link Strategy
    • One PBN Link to Each Money Site Per Week
    • Dead Simple Strategy to Vary Anchor Text (Start from top to bottom, at end, repeat)
      – Branding (Epic Arrow)
      – URL Variation (epic-arrow.com, www.epic-arrow.com, http://www.epic-arrow.com)
      – Keyword Variation (SEO, SEO Course, PBN Course)
      – Generic Keyword (Click here, homepage, website, etc.)

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