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Social Presence and Link Diversification

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There is no denying that private blog network (PBN) links are some of the most effective links when it comes to ranking Google.  But, these cannot be the only links that you will build to a site. If Google sees a bunch of high authority domains linking to a brand-new website, it Is going to set off red flags.  The issue gets worse when you have absolutely no traffic coming to your website.  This is due to the fact that no one should be able to link to a site that they do not know about.

With an unnatural link profile, it makes it very easy for Google to identify a PBN.  This will be an easy pattern for them to pick up on and will cause a manual review of all the sites linking to your money site.  And, no matter how hard you try, the manual reviewer add Google will most likely recognize your site as part of a private blog network.

So, how do we stop Google from picking up on this pattern?  All we have to do is make a natural looking link profile.  And, it’s a lot easier and cheaper than you might think.  Stop right now and think to yourself: how do most sites start out?  Well, if you couldn’t figure it out most of them go to social media, directories, and other blogs to drive traffic.

In the video above I am going to show you an extremely cheap and easy method to building out your social presence and also diversify your back link profile.  You can do this all on your own or spend about $50 to have it done for you.  Once you build this out and start pointing PBN links to your sites, I guarantee within a month or two you are going to see fantastic results.

Cheat Sheet

  2. Syndwire/OnlyWire Account Builders
    – Suggested Provider: SEOGeek
  3. IFTTT
    – Create recipes to throw a link back to your money site automatically every time you post a new article.
    – Hire a VA and email your Syndwire/OnlyWire accounts list and have them create your recipes (Costs us ~$15)

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