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Web 2.0 Links

Web 2.0 links can be very effective to building a diverse backlink profile.  It is important to get these foundational links for trust in Google.  Best of all, these links are some of the safest you can build and they’re FREE!!!

Cheat Sheet:

  1. Make Them Look “Real”
    – About Us Page
    – Contact Page
    – Welcome Post
  2. Populate Them With Relevant Content
    – Videos
    – Pictures
    – Unique Articles
    – Infographics
  3. Helpful Software
    FCS Networker
  4. Fiverr Gig From Video
    – https://www.fiverr.com/webexpertise/do-onlywire-account-creation-services-for-you-manually-within-24-hours
  5. Source Market Gig (Not Mentioned – Similar to Fiverr Gig)

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